Posted July 13, 2017

Meet medical cannabis’ senior weapon: retired Oakland principal turned activist

Oakland resident Sue Taylor is a self-confessed Goody Two-shoes. A decade ago, the grandmother and former Catholic school principal considered cannabis a hard-core drug, not unlike heroin or crack cocaine. If you had told her then that she would become one of the state’s leading advocates for elder access to medical marijuana, Taylor’s answer would […]

Posted July 13, 2017

Seniors and marijuana, NBC news interview

Can it really be true that so many older people nowadays will “Just Say Yes”? Yes to using marijuana, that is? Our Cover Story is reported by Barry Petersen:   Sue Taylor works hard to stay fit, and stay healthy. This 68-year-old is a regular at the gym, eats kale to keep her cholesterol down, […]

Posted July 11, 2017


Number of medical- and recreational-marijuana dispensaries in the U.S.: 5,000 Number of medical-marijuana dispensaries in California: 1,200 Number of medical-marijuana dispensaries owned and run by a retired Catholic-school principal who’s also an ordained minister? Zero. But if Sue Taylor gets her wish, that number will jump to one. The impeccably dressed 69-year-old may become just […]