iCANN Learn by living



As a former Catholic school principal, founder Sue Taylor has devoted her career to education. We learn more about cannabis everyday, and sharing that information is our mission. In that spirit, we have developed 3 levels of service to address the varying needs of the iCANN community. With express checkout, counter service, and private consultation, we can provide the exact level of service you desire. We use our platform to educate and empower seniors to explore holistic resources as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. We believe in overall holistic health. In addition to cannabis, clean eating, healthy body movement, and continuing education are living examples of our mission.

Private Consultations
Counter Services
Free Classes

iCANN Be Well



Taking care of mind and body should not be a challenge: at iCANN we make it simple and fun for people of all ages! We have designed a space with this purpose in mind. Under the guidance of founder Sue Taylor, we have fostered an

  • Yoga
  • Holistic Services
  • Free Wellness Classes
  • Group Activities

iCANN Give back


Berkeley & Beyond

We are a mission driven community with a focus on giving back. Our products and services are available to all in our community regardless of background. Discounts on products are available to veterans, students, and seniors. No cost cannabis is available to specially qualified members in need. However, being an active neighbor goes deeper than donating cannabis. Charitable activities, free educational opportunities, and neighborhood improvement are amongst our top priorities.

Senior Discounts
Veteran & Student Discounts
Care Packages and Low Cost Cannabis
Neighborhood Improvements

iCANN Live my best life



Our expertly curated cannabis menu showcases products made to the highest standard across all categories. We source from local farmers, extract artists, and manufacturers who utilize the latest in modern technology combined with techniques passed down through generations to produce the finest cannabis products available. With the integrity of a professional educator at the core of our business, you can trust what you see on our shelves is safe for you. Our lab testing standards are among the most rigorous in the country, assuring you know exactly what you are putting into your body. Shop confidently knowing

  • Wide selection of Organic Products
  • Locally Sourced
  • Highest Testing Standards

iCANN Embrace Everyone



Our dispensary was designed to welcome all who enter our doors. Our ownership and management team consists of people of all ages, races, genders, and sexual orientations, and we have created a space that is welcoming to a patient base that is diverse as our team. With an emphasis on the oft-ignored senior community, we have crafted a space that is approachable to all. We understand that not everyone is familiar with cannabis or feel comfortable visiting a cannabis dispensary. We embrace and accept that audience and reach them through offsite informational meetings and select public events onsite. We are here to inform the curious!